Hair Removing Device for Face - Pink - Zoe Ayla Hair Removing Device for Face - Pink - Zoe Ayla Hair Removing Device for Face - Pink - Zoe Ayla

Zoe Ayla

Hair Removing Device for Face - Pink


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Meet Zoë Ayla’s Professional hair removal device, which instantly and painlessly sweeps away any unwanted hair from any area of your face!

To make things even better this device is a handy, portable design. You can carry it with you and put it in your wallet, pocket or car! Most importantly, no one will know that the device is a hair removal product. Instead, the product looks like a lipstick tube or other beauty product!

Special Product Features:
- Removes hair instantly and painlessly with microscopic precision
- With it’s hypoallergenic heads, it’s gentle on all skin types and tones
- The fastest, easiest, pain free way to remove unwanted facial hair guaranteed
- A built in light makes it easy to see and remove every single hair from your upper lip, cheek or chin
- Suitable for everyday use
- No nicks, burns or irritation, just perfectly smooth skin!
- Gentle and safe to the touch
- Approved and tested by professionals
- Stylish and discreet design

Package content: 1 x Hair Epilator Removal (1 x AA Battery not included)

Materials: Stainless steel, ABS, copper, plastics

Stainless steel, ABS, PCB Material

Forventet leveringsdato 11 jun - 13 jun
Køn Kvinde
Varemærker Zoe Ayla
Kategori Verktyg
Artikelnummer P181208336