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Men's watch - Analog - Bicolour


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Type: Men's watch
Display: Analog
Movement: Quartz
Band material: Textile
Band colour: Black / White
Diameter: 47 mm
Dial colour: White
Glass: Mineral glass

General description - Movement
Quartz - A battery-operated clockwork.
Automatic - Also called mechanical clockwork. The clock is driven by the wearer's own energy in the form of motion. The watch will stop after a certain number of hours if the movement stops.
Manual - Clock with mechanical clockwork that you manually has to screw up.
Solar - Clock with battery, powered by solar power.

Forventet leveringsdato 28 maj - 30 maj
Køn Mand
Farve Tofarvet
Varemærker FILA
Kategori Ure
Artikelnummer P392009