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EliteSmile CoConut Charcoal


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EliteSmile CcoConut Charcoal is the latest trend in Whitening, made of charcoal made of 100% natural coconut shells. The activated charcoal has traditionally been used for detoxing.
But now you can safely whiten and polish your teeth at home without going to the dentist!

Safe, quick and efficient result!

Different uses for EliteSmile Coco Charcoal:
1.Teeth whitening: Dip a wet toothbrush (with our without toothpaste) into the powder and brush like regularly.
Rinse well with water.

2. Facemask: Mix1 teaspoon with water to make a detoxing facemask. Apply the mask, let it dry and wash off.

3. Detox bath: Mix ¼ cup of powder into a warm bath. Soothing for irritating skin.

Ingredients: Activated charcoal from 100% coconut shell.

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